Sustainable, Safe, and Reliable industries make the whole world Green


Reliability & Safety Technical Center (RSTER) has been established in November 2020 as a technical centre to contribute to the existing/upcoming challenges in terms of improving the safety and reliability of the complex engineering systems in the industry. Our approach is to develop a well-rounded understanding of the reliability and safety concepts through identifying potential failure, assess the reasons and effects, and define what could eliminate or reduce the chance of failure during the lifetime. This process allows our team to identify and classify problems caused by the design, manufacturing, storage, applications, and operation of the complex multi-domain systems.

The main activities of RSTER are providing multi-domain services in terms of GHG emission reduction from the environmental and technical points of view. The proposed services can contribute to the different sectors of the industry which are related to GHG emission reduction, green environment, and renewable energy resources from environmental and technical aspects.